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Whitewater Solutions: Telecom Regulatory Compliance Partner

The Department of Telecom, Carrier Service Division, has released the revised guidelines for the Other Service Providers (OSP) on 23rd June 2021. These guidelines have come as a supersession of the earlier order with the intent of simplifying the guidelines dated 5th November 2020.

As you know, the new guidelines on Other Service Providers (OSP) are a positive step in the direction of ease of doing business as well as it removes the ambiguity that persisted about the endless dos and don'ts around the technology and some licensing conditions.

However, it should not be misconstrued as NO REGISTRATION, NO REGULATION.

There are guidelines/ licensing conditions given by the AUTHORITY for contact center operations or those who are providing telephony services within the country or outside the country by using bulk telecom resources, or other on-prem/cloud/3 party solutions.

Whitewater can support you with:

  1. Consultation and maintenance of DOT/TRAI regulations for Contact center operations

  2. Consultation and Mock audit of the existing/proposed setup (Cloud, on-prem) with respect to OSP/Internet telephony/TCCCPR-2018 regulations given by authority

  3. Support and consultation on Telemarketing registration

  4. Support and consultation on UL VNO compliance

For further reference kindly refer to the attached document with this blog.

Whitewater Services_2022
Download PDF • 1.10MB


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