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  • Sonia Karki

Change in time period for storage of CDRs in UL, UL (VNO) and standalone Audiotex license agreements

Recently amendments have been issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) in the license agreement of Unified License (UL), Unified License (Virtual Network Operator) {UL(VNO)} and Standalone Voicemail / Audiotex / UMS license with respect to the change in time period of the storage of Call Detail Records (CDRs), Exchange Detail Records (EDRs) and IP Detail Records (IPDRs). The Security Conditions of the corresponding license agreement have been amended and hence, all the respective licensees under the above mentioned category of license are now directed to store these details for a minimum period of 2 years.

The amendments in the UL and UL(VNO) license agreements dated 21.12.2021 and in Voicemail/ Audiotex/ UMS agreement dated 27.01.2022 will be effective from their respective date of issue.

Additionally, for Voicemail/ Audiotex/ UMS licensees, the time period for storing detailed information about the conference calls like date, time, duration of the conference etc. and the list of the registered subscribers has also been increased to two years and shall be provided to the authority whenever demanded.

The official amendments can be accessed as below:

Voicemail/ Audiotex/ UMS:

Kindly reach out to us at for more information in this regard.


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