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Telecom  Regulatory Compliance Services

Supports global institutions in delivering practical and cost-effective approaches to meet telecom regulatory compliance demands in India

As pressure on enterprises to comply with the evolving and challenging telecom regulatory compliance landscape continues to escalate, scrutiny from multiple Indian government telecom regulatory bodies like DOT (Department of Telecommunication) and TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) intensifies in a dynamic  environment where telecom compliance demands are now far more intensive.

With new rules being introduced and existing ones modified, enterprises  are faced with a host of challenges like keeping abreast of these changes and managing regulatory and compliance rules.

Enterprises require process and system enhancements with changing regulatory rules , and technology solutions to assist and support them in putting in place an effective and dynamic telecom compliance and regulatory framework that is responsive to changing government telecom regulations in India.

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How we can help

Our dedicated telecom regulatory compliance team comprises ex-government regulators and industry professionals with extensive experience in advising and working with global clients across multiple industry verticals. Leveraging on our insightful knowledge and deep understanding of the Indian telecom regulatory requirements and expectations within the telecom industry in India, we will be able to assist you in delivering practical and cost-effective approaches to meet your regulatory and compliance demands.

We recognize that every client’s needs are unique and specific to their Industry. We provide customized services tailored to your demands.

Our services include


Review of your existing telecom compliance landscape

Conduct a regulatory diagnostic review and identify gap areas which fall short of the prevailing government regulatory requirements

Perform process reviews and assessment of effectiveness of compliance controls


Provide advisory support for telecom compliance needs  

Providing recommendations on areas for improvement after reviewing the existing compliance documents 

Assisting in responding to telecom regulatory authorities queries in relation to the regulatory application documents; and helping in preparing the necessary paperwork and its submission


Provide training and ongoing support to your team

Provide training and advice to your team and equip them with the relevant knowledge on existing telecom regulatory requirements to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities

Assist in developing compliance manuals, covering applicable regulatory requirements prescribed by DOT and TRAI

Our expertise

  • Whitewater is your single point company for every query related to the Telecom Regulatory Compliances. We partner with you with respect to the new technology roll-out and services run by enterprise and Other Service Provider (OSP) category organizations.

  • We are a trusted advisor and dependable partner, and are frequently called upon by call centers, BPO, KPO, LPO and ITEs firms for DoT/TRAI compliance, which includes end to end project management and liaison with DoT on behalf of the organization.

  • We have a proven track record with reputed client references and a strong rapport with the regulatory authorities. We are members with industry associations like BPO Council of India and CMAI, and work extremely closely with OSPAI, NASSCOM, and DoT.

Using our collective expertise and experience of over 50 years to guide enterprises comply and manage the complex world of regulatory compliance in India.

Our clients partner with us for advisory services on the network architecture to mitigate gaps that may lead to non-compliance. This would be when they upgrade, overhaul or change their network architecture. We also help them in optimizing the cost of operations by advising on their network design and technology implementation.

We also offer additional services in the following areas :

  • Carrying out network diagram preparation for clients, which includes vetting of network diagrams, communication technology, PABX used and Internet connectivity.

  • Reviewing of technology and architecture deployed for voice and data processes w.r.t. the TRAI and DoT guidelines.

  • Understanding the regulatory guidelines concerning deployment of Over-the-top (OTT) services like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Jabber etc. for their enterprise/OSP business in India.

  • Consultation on deployment of cloud based platforms for contact center and enterprise operations.

  • ‘Work From Home’ as a regulation from DoT for OSP operations and other enterprise operations, and the policies to be followed.

  • New technology adoption and DoT’s acceptance for it specially in case of OSP centers.

  • We also offer consultation and registration service on various DoT licensing regimes like UL and its subcategories (access service, ISP, NLD, ILD, etc), UL VNO and it’s subcategories.

  • Our customers think of us as their extended compliance team that helps them to be compliant with the different rules and regulations as per Department of Telecom (DOT).

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