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Data  Privacy & Security Services

We provide consultation and advisory services on Data Protection and Security advisory to assist organisations helping them in structuring their internal framework to privacy and security risks

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The data protection and security landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate in the country. We have seen some revolutionary steps and reforms from the government understanding  the need of the hour. These advancements often result in extremely intricate legal and regulatory scenarios.

Our specialized team comprises former regulatory agency personnel, legal experts, data privacy officers and auditors to assist you in crafting executing, and refining your Data Protection and Security initiatives within the organisation.

Collaborating closely with you to understand and analyse regulatory constraints and put in place customised compliance solutions. Our approach makes sure we can continue to perfectly adapt when new regulations come into place, and protects your operations proactively.

Our Data Protection services include

Compliance to Data Privacy laws in India (The DPDP Act) and the laws in various countries like GDPR etc.

  • Conduct comprehensive information gathering across business units. 

  • Perform in-depth gap analysis to identify risks and compliance shortcomings among internal processes, focusing on cloud security, outsourcing activities etc.

  • Prepare detailed reports outlining privacy assessment findings and identified gaps. 

  • Collaborate to develop and execute action plans. 

  • Present ‘Maturity assessment’ report to management for review and further evaluation

Support on existing Data Protection services

  • Provision of External Data Protection Officer (DPO) and/or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for ongoing support and management of data protection and information security functions. 

  • Incident handling and comprehensive reporting procedures

  • Efficient handling of data subject access requests (DSARs). 

  • Customized training and awareness programs for employees, contractors, and affiliated third parties. 

  • Facilitation of Data Protection certifications for staff, including IAPP, One Trust, and other relevant certifications.

​Help in Business Continuity and Crisis Management Services

  • Perform crisis simulation exercise comprising global scenarios and functional domains

  • Evaluating BCM and DR maturity levels, comparing them against industry standards and regulatory criteria. 

  • Developing BC and DR strategies, covering resilience plans, load segregation, hot site setups, remote work protocols etc.

Consultation and maintenance of ISO Certification

ISO 27K, 31K, 23K, 9K, 14K & more 

  • Conduct a comprehensive Gap Assessment and identify requirements based on the 'As-Is' Assessment aligned with ISO standards for the designated scope area. 

  • Perform Risk Assessment and Form a strategy to mitigate the identified risks for the designated scope area. 

  • Complete the IT Security policies and procedures to ensure comprehensive protection measures. 

  • Develop a framework to address identified gaps from the current state assessment. 

  • Carry out improvement strategies to address gaps identified during the current state assessment according to the established framework. 

  • Facilitate training and awareness sessions for employees and key stakeholders to promote understanding and compliance. 

  • Provide guidance and support to the Client throughout the certification process. 

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