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Company Profile


A multinational technology company headquartered in California with large technology services operation in India. The company has established inbound and outbound contact center facility in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune to support their customers across the globe including India.

The company wanted to migrate hosted cloud-based contact center solution for its global services operations in technical support, IT Services and Finance services. We had to run a compliance check for the proposed architecture and mitigate gaps to ensure they deploy it in India as it was already deployed globally and meets the DoT guidelines. The company had OSP registration for all its locations.




There is colocation with all international and domestic circuits terminating there and all the location are connected to the colocation over domestic MPLS circuits. The Avaya servers are in colocation and in the US data center for contact center and Enterprise Voice operations respectively.

WWS project

The company wanted to migrate from existing Avaya contact center set-up to a cloud-based contact center solution. The servers are hosted outside India and a local SBC was deployed at colocation in India. They also wanted to migrate the enterprise voice to MS Teams. The customer had millions of dollars of investment on stake if they could not rollout the cloud contact center operations in India. 

We worked with the Cloud provider, the customer, authorities to arrive at the desired results


Our Delivery

Various calls and meetings were set up with the stakeholders- solution vendor, global IT Infrastructure teams to understand, validate, modify and re-design the network architecture to make it compliant as per the guidelines of the DoT. 


  • Recommendations on re-design of architecture to optimize the cost of operations around network design and technology implementation

  • Consultation on the inbound and outbound call flows to mitigate any gaps/non-compliance

  • Soft-landing of the solution with DoT, LSA officers


Amendment filings with the new network architecture at the DoT SARAL SANCHAR portal and getting the formal approval from the regulator

White Water shared recommendations on compliance requirement for the new technology deployment, helped the client re-design their network architecture, and secured provisional approval with DoT. We undertook the complete online OSP filing responsibility for the contact centers and delivered the DoT approvals to the client in a months’ time.

We also guided the client on MS Teams deployment in India for enterprise voice and helped them understand the regulatory restrictions. 

Our practical recommendations helped client in substantial reduction of cost of operations, all the while staying compliant to Indian telecom regulations.

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